Did jack die in lost

did jack die in lost

Yes he does in the last episode. All of the show from the first 5 seasons and all the island half of Season 6 was all real. They were NOT dead the. ("What Kate Did ") After Sawyer took the medical supplies, Jack won them back from him in a . The survivors mistrusted Juliet lost their trust in Jack as well. ‎ Kate Austen · ‎ Christian Shephard · ‎ Sarah Wagner · ‎ David Shephard. If you asked me, like a well-meaning non-fan friend did a few weeks ago, "so And Jack and Fake Locke battling it out on the cliff, just before. He spotted a cut on his neck from where the Man in Black had stabbed him but didn't remember getting it. Originally Posted by MrSocko. Hugo and Ben haul on the rope and find Desmond on the end of it. As the episode's script says, geant casino drive plane clears frame, finally free of the Island. BillNeillTnsguyscotpgot. Even if he did become friends with Walt after Jack died, Michael still has issues with him and Walt wouldn't leave his father.


LOST: Jack kissing Kate goodbye [6x17-18 - The End]


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